My name is Cinzia. I live in the province of Mantua and I am one of the interpreters of that world of “creative women” who feels “the insatiable desire” (Isabella d’Este) to express and translate their own fantasies, dreams, moments and memories into images and hand-made objects.
An inexhaustible desire to break away from the flow of everyday life, to carve out a little material and cerebral space that, even if it means a few sleepless nights, regenerates you momentarily and invites you to rework new ideas.
In childhood each of us has had occasional or recurrent episodes which, without knowing it have influenced and marked out natural predisposition. I remember the rich palette of oil colours with which my uncle painter, Mario Troncone, stretched dark or bright strokes to create distinctive figures, figures within landscapes and landscapes with geometric fields. And then the bundles of colours my uncle Armando, a dyer of fabrics, often gave me as a present.
Since then, achieving a perfect balance and harmony of shades of different colours has been my obsession. And so from my youthful passion for photography, I passed at a mature age to the creation of floral arrangements. Then came the painted pottery and in particular that “graffiti” or “etched” type,  typical of the Po Valley, which recently has focused on the research and development of “mandala” whose images feature in the “galleria creativa”.
Then the discovery of American country-painting and my classes with Isabella Pasquato, Tommaso Bottalico e Manuela Bernabè. The simple application of the rich range of colours to fill figures so funny and simple, fills you with joy and optimism.
Then suddenly my mind dredged up the memory of a bag sewn by my mother with my old jeans and painted by my uncle. And so the surface of the bag has become my canvas on which to vent the images that continue to be present in my mind, realized thanks to the previous experience and various decorative courses attended. My painted bags have been well received, particular by women like myself, who want a unique personalized bag, adopted to the clothes and shoes they wear, and at a reasonable price. Now I propose them to you. I also propose my painted clocks, very colourful, of various shapes to fit all types of environments and other objects very useful and original at the same time.
One more thing…Come and visit the beautiful city of Mantua, a UNESCO world heritage city. I will be happy, if my creations meets your favour, and to accompany you free of charge as a travel guide. In the  journal I will give you curious news on its art and history and I will give you inside knowledge about past protagonists, such as Isabella d’Este. Their past correspondence, which became part of their private and erudite micro-universe, has left their personal footprint which does not differ much from the current feminine universe.